The Alsa team

Alsa Photography was born when two artists, Jerry and Patti met and decided to collaborate on a business that would create outstanding images and customer service for the Billings, Montana area. The name "Alsa" was taken from the Al Salah, the name of Patti's Arabian horse farm and is translated as 'the friendship.' Jerry and Patti married; the 'ma and pa' business Alsa Photography began in 1980.

Jerry grew up on Long Island, New York and spent his formative years growing up in the photography business as his dad was a Hollywood Photographer of the Stars before relocating to New York state and operating a studio there. His love for mountains and the outdoor life brought him to Montana.

Patti is a Montana native and since an early age has loved to draw and paint. Having worked in a portrait studio in college, she developed an appreciation for fine photography. With an art degree, her artistic abilities puts the finishing touches on Alsa images as well as photo restoration, creating graphics and wedding albums for our customers.